• Grade: 7
  • Best Holiday: port fairy
  • Birth Month: november
  • Career Goals: motorcross
  • Favorite Band(s): acdc
  • Favorite Lolly: blue cars
  • Favourite Foos:ice cream
  • Favourite Snack: ice pole
  • Favorite soft drink: coke
  • Favorite Subject: sport
  • Hobbies/Sports: afl rc cars bmx motoross
  • Family 1 brother he is 3       mum and dad 
  • pets 1 cat 4 chooks 3 fish 6 sheep

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  1. Hey James nice of you to comment on Pat’s blog. Hopefully he will return the favour! (btw you accidentally had the link to your blog incorrect – not sure if you can edit your comment and fix it?)
    Cheers Mr T

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