boys on the go

Boys on the go

in boys on the go we played some little games like Spin the bottle Frogs and flys Call of the wild man Have you ever Body image Murders thumb and we had Biscuit’s Chesses. we did have a boxing thing on but the lady didnt come.

oriontation day


Hawkesdale P12 College

Year 7 – 2013

Off to a great start!

Frequently asked questions.

Name:  James

Form Teacher: Mrs gow

Form Meeting Room: room 10

Frequently Asked Questions………..


  1. When do we start back at school next year?

Term 1 29th January to 28th March
Term 2   15th April to 28th June

Term 3   15th July to 20th September

Term 4   7th October to 20th December


What do you do if you have been away from school?

You ring the school up and tell the teacher who you have called that you are away and wont to come school and say your name

  1. What do you do if you are late for school or need      to leave early?

You  need to go to the office and sing in  the book

     3.  What do you do if you ride a bike to school?

Bikes have to be kept in the bike shelter I ride a bike and enjoy riding and you must wear a  helmets.

     4.  What do you do if you are out of uniform?

5.You must have a note and give it to the form teacher.

You give to the form teacher and she will take it to the office at the end of form assembly

     6.   What do you do if you need to buy your lunch?

Lunch orders should be handed in at form assembly. All orders must be at the canteen before 9.30am at the latest.

    7. What do you do if you want more homework or you can’t keep up with the homework you are given?

Talk to your subject teachers, they will be only too pleased to help with extension work, revision or strategies you can use to keep up. If you are still worried, talk to Ms Gow or Mr Ralph.

     8. What do you do if you catch a bus to school and you are not sure of the times or the routes?

Ask Ms Gow or ask your parents to phone Mrs Coulthard or Mrs Byrd at the office.


    9.  What do you do if you need to find a teacher?

At recess or lunchtime, teachers not on yard duty will be in the staff work room of the lunch room. Please only interrupt them if it is important (they need a break too!). Please knock on the staffroom door and only enter if invited to do so.

    10. What do you do if you can’t find your class?

You ask a nother student or teacher or look on the time table.

  11.if you are being bulled

You go to a teacher of a parent and they will sort it out

MY school

my school has a racing track for when you go for you licnce it has a hunting place for aim and that it has a libary for reading and resting  it has a pool for learning to swim and  so if you fall in the hunting arena you can swim back to the boat or the land  it has a clay target arener for eye and aiming and a play ground for reasting there is all a canten that has helthy food  and there is a running track to keep fit and helthy.

Nitro circus


  • Grade: 7
  • Best Holiday: port fairy
  • Birth Month: november
  • Career Goals: motorcross
  • Favorite Band(s): acdc
  • Favorite Lolly: blue cars
  • Favourite Foos:ice cream
  • Favourite Snack: ice pole
  • Favorite soft drink: coke
  • Favorite Subject: sport
  • Hobbies/Sports: afl rc cars bmx motoross
  • Family 1 brother he is 3       mum and dad 
  • pets 1 cat 4 chooks 3 fish 6 sheep


The pilots and medical staff of the RFDS get people from the outback to safety, and get them there fast in a plane.


We went in the simulator, and there was headphones and air masks and lots more medical stuff in the trailer. As a fundraiser we had a sassing sizzle for $2 each. In the simulator there was 1 stretcher and 3 seats. The sound of the simulator was as load as a real airplane.